Storage Wars Season 3 Premiere Live Recap 6/5/12

Storage Wars Season 3 Premiere Live Recap 6/5/12

Tonight everyone’s favorite treasure hunters are back on Storage Wars as we watch them continue with their dramatic bidding, intense rivalries and high-stakes entertainment in the premiere episode, “Third Eye Of The Tiger”. Stand by as we live blog the episode with all the up-to-the-minute details.

Husband and wife team, Jarrod and Brandi are back and so are Darrell Sheets and his son Brandon. Now what would a season be without Mr. “Yup” himself, Dave Hester and my favorite treasure hunter, Barry Weiss? Well, we won’t have to find out because the whole gang is back!

The first season premiere of Storage Wars drew 2.1 million viewers, the second season premiere drew 5.1 million total viewers  – will tonight beat out last season for a new record?

The third season opens tonight at the crack of dawn in La Verne, CA, and finds “The Collector” in training. Dave Hester enjoys bidding, and bidding people up (nothing seems to have changed there). Darrell Sheets shows up alone (where is Brandon? Is there trouble in “The Gambler”‘s lair?) and quickly detects a find of his own. Jarrod and Brandi start the new season with a system…but will it help them find zen? I hope so, because someone has to outsmart Mr. Yup.

We will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details at 10PM EST so make sure to come back to this spot and watch the show with us. Refresh often to get the most up-to-date results!

RECAP: In the season opener, Barry arrives in style, coaching an invisible Rocky. Today they’ll be in La Verne, California. Brandi starts telling Jarrod how he always goes over the cap of money, so he tells her to give him a reasonable one. Barry cracks four eggs into a glass and drinks them down.

The first locker of the day is full of camping gear and Darrell is pretty excited. Brandy tells Jarrod only $300 tops for it. Jarrod already went over the limit, Darrell and Dave are now fighting over the locker bidding against one another. Darrell won the locker for $1700.

Next locker is possibly from a bar, Brandy tells Jarrod max is $200 and Jarrod says $300. Darrell notices two big weights for a grandfather clock, Barry notices it as well. Barry goes right ahead and bids to $1000, Dave keeps increasing it on Barry but he wins the locker eventually for $1650.

Darrell finds a metal detector inside of his locker that’s brand new and works perfectly. Next locker has a lot of boxes and furniture which doesn’t excite Darrell or Dave. Jarrod wins the locker for $400 and Brandi seems to be mad at him.

David leaves with nothing, not happy about the lockers. Barry opens his locker and has find nothing that is great so far, just a saxophone and a prosthetic leg. Barry then finds his grandfather clock, an air conditioner and a martini shaker with a set.

Jarrod and Brandi open their locker and Brandi is very unhappy about it. Jarrod opens a small box and finds a couple of rocks, that are said to protect them from negative forces.

Darrell goes to his friend Jerry about his metal detector, Jerry tells him that he could sell it for $800. Barry takes his martini set to a bar, he’s told that the set can be sold for $1000. Jarrod and Brandi take the crystals they found to a specialist, she tells them that they’re worth $730.

Jarrod and Brandy made $1250 – Barry made $1025 – Darrell made $290 – Dave goes home with nothing.

The episode finishes with Barry shadow bidding, getting ready for an event.

The end!

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