13-Year Old Interviews Nickelodeon’s Victoria Justice (Video)

13-Year Old Interviews Nickelodeon’s Victoria Justice (Video)

13 year old Music Expert and Entertainer Pavlina Osta had the opportunity to meet backstage with Victoria Justice, star of the hit Nickelodeon TV show “Victorious”, and interview her on Osta’s entertainment show “Pavlina’s Kidz Place”.

Osta met Justice backstage after packed concert of over 10,000 people at Universal Studios in Orlando.  Being a performer herself, Osta knows how it feels to be in front of thousands of people singing and dancing; so she had a lot in common with Justice who is also a childhood star.

Osta got up close and personal with Justice, asking her various questions about her career and what obstacles did she have to overcome to get where she is today.  She discussed her role as “Tori Vega” on “Victorious” and talked to her about her pop music career.

Justice made her Nickelodeon TV debut as Champion MMA fighter Shelby Marx who would have an exhibition match with Carly Shae, played by Miranda Cosgrove.  Shortly after that Justice would star in her own TV sitcom “Victorious”. The show is about a girl who discovers her true talent, singing; she would shock the world and a highly competitive high school, Hollywood Arts, who asked Justice to come to the school based on her talent.

For more information on Pavlina Osta visit her YouTube page at http://youtube.com/pavlinamusic

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