‘Awkward.’ Actress Jillian Rose Reed talks Season Two

'Awkward.' Actress Jillian Rose Reed talks Season Two

In a recent interview with JustJaredJr, Awkward. actress Jillian Rose Reed opened up about her personal style, her own awkward moment and what we can expect from season two. The 20-year-old plays Tamara, and says, “I love fashion, but I have to say, Tamara is a little more out there than I am. We’re both into vintage trends, but she tends to mix a lot of patterns that I wouldn’t. She also wears a lot of headbands and I’m not really a headband-wearing girl.”

Now that season two has started, fans are dying to see what Jenna is going to do about Matty (Beau Mirchoff) and Jake (Brett Davern). Jillian dished that we can expect, “A lot of drama!! There’s some crazy stuff happening with the love triangle. Jenna is forced to choose between Jake and Matty.”

The whole show is full of awkward teenage moments for different members of the cast. Jillian shared about her own, real-life awkward moment:

One time I asked my friend to pick me up from a class. She told me she was parked out by the fountain, so without looking I got into the car that was there. I started to complain about how the seats weren’t clean and began tossing things onto the floor. Then I glanced over at the driver’s seat and, well…it wasn’t my friend! I had gotten into the wrong car and the girl in the front seat was looking at me like I was crazy! Needless to say, I got out and ran away. Fast.


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