Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man Review

Yesterday I saw The Amazing Spider-Man and just knowing that it was a reboot I had pretty high expectations walking into that theatre, but at the end of the film I sat there in awe for all my expectations were surpassed. I’m not someone who’s been reading the comics for a long time, I’ve recently got into them when I heard this film was in the makes but overall I’m a huge Spider-Man fan, this movie is literally amazing. If you’re reading this right now and don’t have enough time to read the whole review since you’re almost on your way to go see it, then I recommend you start running to your local theatre as fast as you can and enjoy one of the best super hero films in a long time.

Yes this film is obviously a reboot of the franchise and a reboot done right I must add, seriously a round of applause for Marc Webb he did a surprisingly excellent job directing the film, it didn’t feel the same as Sam Raimi’s original trilogy of films at all. What’s been bothering me is that some people say that the darker approach for this film was copied off Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight… You got to be kidding me! I don’t see where people come up with this bull since with the darker approach is a whole lot more suitable for Spider-Man since if you’re someone who’s read the comics then you know that Spider-Man’s life is truly tragic.

Andrew Garfield is truly Peter Parker/Spider-Man, all his hard work and dedication to this role was shown, he was very entertaining and I liked how as Peter Parker/Spider-Man he was innocent, nervous and extremely funny. Emma Stone was great also as Gwen Stacey and on a side note damn is she ever a hottie hot hot hot hottie. I find that Emma and Andrew had great chemistry with each other and I could see it throughout the film. Denis Leary was an excellent choice for Captain George Stacey he just had this attitude in the film that made you love the guy, seriously no one better could have been chosen. Rhys Ifans was a very believable Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizardman he really gave this feeling of a scientist gone literally mad with the thought of wanting to make a world without weakness. Martin Sheen is a great actor, I’ve liked a lot of work that he’s done and I find that he did really well as Ben Parker, it’s mostly that voice he has it suited Ben perfectly. I’m going to admit I’ve never seen Sally Field’s work but she was actually very good as May Parker, she really gave the feel off this felling of tension at times when she’d ask Peter to show his face covered in bruises but he wouldn’t. Someone people don’t mention a lot and who I liked for his acting was Chris Zylka as Flash Thompson, he did a great job and I liked how they made the character less of an asshole compared to the original films. All the actors did an amazing job in this film; I couldn’t find one that disappointed me at all.

Knowing that Marc Webb’s last movie was a comedy romance called 500 Days of Summer did make me feel a bit worried about him making a Spider-Man reboot though I knew he’d do a good job with capturing the romance between Peter and Gwen, I’ll admit I was one of the people complaining about them making a reboot and feeling a bit upset about it also. But after a lot of research I found out that this film was going to be one of the best super hero movies of all time which it is.

There’s one thing that I really need to talk about concerning this film and that I’m so very glad that this portrayal of Spider-Man had humour with it, that was the main concept missing from the original trilogy by Sam Raimi’s that bothered me a lot. From reading the comics I’ve seen that Spider-Man is a very funny character and it’s one of his main personality traits that make him so entertaining. One scene that was hilarious was where he was stopping the car thief, I laughed really hard to how he played around with the thief. Also what caught my eye is the costume looking different, I find they did a great job with Spidey’s costume since it looked more homemade as if Peter Parker really did make it him self.

If you stayed at the end of the credits you’ll realize that they introduced us the next villain to be seen in the sequel of The Amazing Spider-Man and I’ve got two speculations of who it could be. I first think that it may be Electro because of the flash of lightening that appeared before he started talking to Dr. Connors and when he left or it could have been The Green Goblin since he asked if he told Peter about his father. But if they’re taking this direction to where they’re going to be using different villains to start off, then it’s got to be Electro.

In the end I give this movie a 9/10 it was very entertaining and worth the $16 I had to pay to see it in IMAX 3D, hell I think I’ll probably go see this film a couple more times.

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