One Hour Worth of Star Wars: Battlefront III

One Hour Worth of Star Wars: Battlefront III

Now there is this extremely lucky guy out in this world living amongst us with an unfinished copy of Star Wars: Battlefront III. He’s shown snippets and shots before of the game but this a whole entirely new thing all together.

The guy uploaded one hour of gameplay footage from this cancelled project, while watching this footage I almost had a tear in my eye thinking “Why? Why couldn’t this game have been made?” Instead of Battle Front III all we got was that one for PSP and Kinect Star Wars which were really not that great.

Apparently Star Wars: Battlefront III was cancelled so that The Force Unleashed could be made, but then they canceled it again to make Star Wars: 1313. Don’t get me wrong, Star Wars: 1313 looks incredibly bad a*s but I do hope to see that when the next gen consoles come out along with it is a Battlefront III.

It’s pretty sad to see that a franchise as successful as Battlefront has been cancelled, I remember when I was a young kid I’d play Battlefront and Battlefront II all day with a bunch of friends, it was seriously one of my most favorite games along with Star Wars: Jedi Academy. The footage you see here is the third attempt of making Battlefront III, since it was first given to Slant Six Games and now Spark Unlimited.

First Time Splitters 4 is not being made and now I come to see Battlefront III also won’t be made is a little upsetting but I hope to see both sometime in the next couple of years

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