Expert Pete Trabucco Names Top 12 Greatest Amusement Parks

Pete Trabucco, nationally acclaimed roller coaster and amusement park expert, released his list of the world’s top 12 amusement parks for 2012.

Among the list this year are several parks from across the globe including Alton Towers in England, Wonderland Park in Canada, Europa Park in Germany, Everland Park in South Korea, and Parc Asterix in France.  The United States rounds out the list with parks from Florida such as Busch Gardens, Universal Studios and Walt Disney World.  Also, two Six Flags locations located in the North American region.  Topping the list, Ohio’s Cedar Point stands as the perennial favorite and the Mecca for Thrill Ride maniacs.

Pete Trabucco is a nationally acclaimed expert on the subject of Amusement Parks and Roller Coasters. His book, America’s Top Roller Coasters and Amusement Parks, teaches people tips to overcome their fear of roller coasters, and contains a list of the best roller coasters and amusement parks around North America.

 The 2012 Top 12 Greatest Amusement Parks 

1. Cedar Point (Sandusky, OH, USA)

2. Walt Disney World & Disneyland (Orlando, FL, and Anaheim, CA USA)

3. Universal Studios (Orlando, FL, USA)

4. Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ, USA)

5. Canada’s Wonderland Park (Vaughan, Ontario, Canada)

6. Alton Towers (Staffordshire, United Kingdom)

7. Busch Gardens (Tampa, Fl and Williamsburg, VA, USA)

8. Parc Asterix (Paris, France)

9. Six Flags Magic Mountain (Valencia, CA,)

10. Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen Sjealland, Denmark)

11. Europa Park (Rust, Germany)

12. Everland Park (Suwon, Yongin Farmland, S. Korea)


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