64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards: Best And Worst On The Red Carpet

64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards: Best And Worst On The Red Carpet

We all love awards shows, and we can agree that some are better than others! For me, the Oscars will always reign supreme, but I wasn’t disappointed by the glitz of last night’s 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards! For those of you who tune in just to see the couture dresses, we’ve pulled out a sample of the best and worst dresses of the evening. I don’t know if there’s an online forum that these celebs use to coordinate, but we definitely noticed a couple of trends–the worst was the neon yellow theme that several actresses were sticking to! Did you think it was a win? We also saw a little bit of the flowy mermaid dress, which was easier on the eyes.

I loved Lucy Liu‘s dress–it was all sequins and trim like a gladiator princess. Kat Dennings was, predictably, all boob but looked amazing! Then Amy Poehler came out in her barely-there top, and I have to say, I wanted to lend her a hoodie! I think there’s a point where you need to cover up the ladies a bit! Julie Bowan of Modern Family made a completely awkward acceptance speech, joking, “my job really amounts to me falling down and making faces while wearing lipstick and nipple covers.” It got worse from there!

Enough of the talking–remember, most of this was unscripted and therefore completely unbearable to watch! Check out the gallery below–which dress is your favorite? Tell us in the comments. And remember, there are no wrong answers (unless you like the neon ones, in which case you need to explain, because I don’t see any redeeming qualities in them)!

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