Angry Singer On The X Factor USA Premiere Insults Demi Lovato

Angry Singer On The X Factor USA Premiere Insults Demi Lovato

You knew that the season premiere of The X factor would usher in some hardcore drama and overblown hissy fits right?  Last night that vibe rang true as Shawn Armenta took the stage and absolutely butchered a song made up by him, entitled “Candy Girl”. The mess was completely out of tune and Simon Cowell referred to him as a “mouse trying to be an elephant”.  Armenta claims to have busted his butt rehearsing for the last 18 months and was totally offended by the judge’s slights. He especially took issue with Demi Lovato.

She simply told him, “A lot of people work really, really hard for their dreams, but it’s not meant for everybody.” And Armenta fired back with a stinging insult telling Lovato,” That’s why you use Auto-tune, and I don’t!”

After catching a bit of the show myself, I’d have to say that Demi is the last person for anyone to take a shot at, not because she’s fragile herself (like Britney Spears), but because she seems to realize the weight that her words can carry to these hopeful contestants. She has gone through a ton of her own drama and seems to be (for the most part) very in control of her life (unlike Britney). She gets the impact of other peoples comments and so it seemed to me that a lot of what she had to say was a bit more gentle than the other judges.

Perhaps Armenta should have taken a shot at Simon, who has at least never even attempted to sing a single note!  Did you see his low blow aimed at Demi?  How do you think she handled herself after the fact? Tell us in the comments below!

  1. Opinion says

    Most people need to realize that when they audition for these shows that they are not the best singer in the whole world, they may be the best singer in their world but not the whole world. I feel like the judges are fair for the pressure that they face when making such life changing decisions.

  2. kiesha says

    i think the person who just commented is right, and also if he rehearsed for 18 months it should not have any problems but if the judges say it was out of tune since most of the time they were listening than something is wrong somewhere.

  3. Makayla says

    I dont think that whatever his name is should have said that, why? because demi has been through much more than he has but she still keeps her spirits up… she was trying to be as nice as she could…unlike simon no offense…its not like she said that he sounded like a dying walrus! haha! demi was only being honest, every one has the right to express their opinion, and she is a judge…she cant just fake it and be like ” omg you were frikken AMAZING” otherwise everyone would think she had like no taste in music or something. and shawn is just being stupid and cant handle the truth

  4. Rabab says

    I think that Demi is a really sweet person, and she doesn’t deserve to be treated that way, she had been through a lot in her life, and that person who told her that was just jealous cause she has a talent and he got rejected by all of them its natural. On the other hand, Simon was just rude as usual nothing personal, he loves Demi though.

  5. kendra says

    i think when somebody like simon, the person who made one direction famous and a whole bunch of other people famous that he knows what he is talking about.
    No matter how rude or nasty it is they should just sing then they should listen to what the juges might say because it could really help them. see some people are just really self sentered and don’t give a shit about what other people are saying they just want to go with what they think and i think i sound like a dying warus and i don’t really care because i’m a may baby.

  6. demi sucks says

    demi is a giant phony. glad someone called her out

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