Emmy’s Style: Mixed Prints

Emmy's Style: Mixed Prints

There is a crazy new trend this year that all stylish fashionista’s are wearing, and that’s mixed prints. I used to think that mixing and matching stripes and animal print looked weird until now.  I first noticed this trend in magazines over the summer and thought BLAH.  Then when school started I realized that this was a brand new way I could show off my personality.

Everyday for school I have to wear disgusting man clothes, either ugly polo’s and hideous kakis’ or worse.  I think the jumpers that we are allowed to wear belong on preschoolers with big bows on the back of their heads, carrying Dora the Explorer backpacks! SO not my style! . I either end up looking like a boy or a baby. So, I had to do something. I noticed girls mixing and matching and I said to myself “Hey, this idea isn’t that bad.”

Polka dots are usually my very favorite pattern, and if you saw how much I go out looking like the polka dot queen you would agree. However one of my favorite new looks for school is mixing stripes with animal print. I think if there is one color in common then you can actually end up looking kinda cool. To me, it’s a very stylish way to show off your personality. I picked these striped socks because they are comfy and fashionable. and I love these shoes because they shows my diva side.

I think these two cute things are awesome paired together because it makes people notice my style. Plus when I was looking at pictures from fashion week I noticed that nothing matches so I’m cool like those runway girls!  It’s an easy way to look trendy and without your mom having to pay a lot. Trust me if my shoes and socks were a lot more than what they were, my mom would flip out or worse, not give me my allowance (which I need for earrings at Forever 21 Yo!)!  You can grab my shoes or socks at any Target and believe me you will be rocking the school hallways in no time!

Shoes from Target HERE

Socks from Target HERE

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