Gossip Girl Star Leighton Meester Dishes On Music, Movies, And Her Biggest Fear

Gossip Girl Star Leighton Meester Dishes On Music, Movies, And Her Biggest Fear

The final season of Gossip Girl is starting soon, and for many who have followed all five seasons piously, it feels like the end of an era. I would even go so far as to compare it to the end of Friends, which left a huge gap in the TV lineup. Gossip Girl tells the story of elite teens raised on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The stress of saying goodbye can be overwhelming, so make sure to follow all of the stars on Twitter to see where they’re headed next.

Leighton Meester, who plays Blair Waldorf, did a Q & A today on her twitter @itsmeleighton, giving fans the chance to tap into her personal life discover the woman behind the heiress. Check out our transcript of her twitter session:

Depends- Paris=good food, museums, romance;) And London=family(my dad’s side) RT “@FumseckTears: Paris or London?”

Yes!Rosemary’s Baby, The Exorcist, &Texas Chainsaw Massacre. I like freakin myself out. RT “@albena1991: Do u like watching horror movies?”

Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken. -Oscar Wilde RT “@UCouldBeMyHero: favorite quote?”

Tough one-I fly a lot&swim in the ocean, even though I get scared. I worry about my family the most. RT “@AliciaisSilly: biggest fear?”

This weekend I watched every episode of Girls- it wasn’t raining tho haha RT “@__rockabella: what do you do on a rainy day?”

Chopped! And Intervention. I record them- it’s sick RT “@lisasmaless: favorite t.v show?”

#TheOranges-see it, you’ll understand:) RT “@VitaminKP: Favorite movie you’ve filmed and why?”

My big bro made me a tape w/Nirvana, Soul Asylum, Green Day, NIN…I thought I was pretty rad RT”@jooliagoolia79: the 1st cd you bought?”

#FloralRush! By @VeraWangGang RT “@JoannaJmh: what’s your favorite perfume ? xx #muchlovefromParis”

Chocolate allll the way RT “@HillaryGStewart: Favorite ice cream flavor?”

Currently reading: A Return to Love. Fave of all time? Siddhartha. RT “@SmileeBiitch: favorite book???”

In 5th grade. Terribly RT “@ItsNoahMeester: have you ever played soccer?”

Penguin RT “@vampmaniac_: favorite animal?”

Big pink bunny, barbies, roller skates, play-doh, typewriter, gak! RT “@reptili4: favorite toy of childhood?”

Cinderellee! RT “@HillaryGStewart: Favorite Disney movie as a child?”

Oh my god! How much do you love her after that? Penguins, Cinderella, Food Network, Girls, and chocolate ice cream? She is nothing like the pretentious (although kind hearted) Blair Waldorf she plays on Gossip Girl! The final season premiers on Monday, October 8th! Will you be tuning in? Do you wish Leighton had answered questions about her costar Blake Lively’s top secret wedding to Ryan Reynolds? And, what’s next for her? So many questions remain!

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