Justin Bieber Speaks Out Against Texting While Driving

Justin Bieber Speaks Out Against Texting While Driving

Justin Bieber is known to be a strong voice of advocacy against texting while driving. The 18 year old superstar donated a dollar from each ticket sold from his last tour to help educate the public against this deadly combo. It’s a cause that Justin seems to feel very strongly about and even took his anti-texting while driving stance to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in order to reach more people. He has this to say about his involvement in the crusade,

“It’s been a big part of my life to influence others not to text and drive,” he added. “And every night when I perform, I have a video that comes up and it says ‘Don’t Text and Drive’ and it’s me driving. It’s just really important to me. We need to change the attitudes in our society toward texting and driving and I am making it one of my personal goals to make this happen,” he said. “Every night we perform we have a banner that goes up that says ‘Don’t Text and Drive’ so it really means a lot to me.”

Obviously No Texting While Driving is a great campaign and one that we all need to pay attention to. It’s so easy to catch yourself stopped at a light tossing a quick message to a loved one and in that 30 seconds a lot can go wrong if your eyes aren’t where they really should be- the road. Check out AT&T’s website itcanwait.com for more information on the perils of texting while driving.

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