Selena Gomez Admits She’s Terrified To Grow Up!

Selena Gomez Admits She's Terrified To Grow Up!

We know how you feel! Disney starlet Selena Gomez has been living in a young, fairy tale world ever since she landed the starring role on Wizards of Waverly Place. Just like most Disney kids, she became an international celebrity, appearing in teen flicks, releasing music, and now, struggling to grow up. Her comrades haven’t done so well–think Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus–and Selena is terrified about making the transition into adulthood.

Selena explained what it was like growing up in the Disney spotlight, “I think it’s unfair when your 15, 16 or 17 to be critical of a child. It was kind of like a giant high school for me growing up because every single person had an opinion, and sometimes it wasn’t nice. I did care a lot about that because when you are a teen, you care so much about what other people think. It was hard at first for me to get used to it.” It sounds awful. She’s previously explained that she hates when paparazzi yell mean things to get a reaction from her, which is why she always puts in her headphones and listens to music to block them out. It seems like a great technique! Selena is getting accustomed to the life, and explained, “Now that I’m older and experienced life a little more, I really could care less now. I love what I do. I have the best fans and the best time doing what I do.”

Good for Selena! Imagine if the entire world was your high school cafeteria! It would be awful. I’m thrilled that Selena hasn’t gotten a weird tattoo, had naked pictures leaked, or been caught using drugs. She explains how she and her mom set boundaries. “Whenever you’re experiencing that whole ‘I want to go and be on my own feeling’ you tend to want to say ‘whatever’ and brush it off. But I find if you talk it out with them and find middle ground, it’s so much smoother. Me and my mom talked it out, and she’d ask me to text her at a certain point and let her know when I got home. It’s all about communicating.” Not to sound old, but when I was a kid no one texted! Kids these days have no excuse to not check in. It just takes a minute. We love to see young celebs with a good head on their shoulders.

Selena has a darker movie coming out soon called Spring Breakers, in which she plays a troubled teen. Since this is basically the opposite of anything she’s ever done, she was nervous. “It’s terrifying. I was at a film festival, and I couldn’t believe I was there after working on my series and having a movie competing at the festival. They told us while we were there, ‘Just so you know, sometimes they may boo if they don’t like it.’ Some of it has been a little weird for me.” Selena is such a great role model–she is responsible, doesn’t let haters ruin her day, and is always conscious of her fans. What do you think of Selena’s transition from kid to adult roles? Will you miss her in the romantic comedies like Monte Carlo?

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