Should Jordan Pruitt Really Be on ‘The Voice’?

Should Jordan Pruitt Really Be on 'The Voice'?

For those of you who were not growing up with Disney in the Cheetah Girls years, you may need a little refresher on who exactly Jordan Pruitt is. In the most recent episode of “The Voice” the 21-year-old rattles off her childhood accomplishments, like joining the likes of Vanessa Hudgens, the Cheetah Girls, and Miley Cyrus on tour. I most remember her for “The Outside Looking In” and her album Permission to Fly, but she has been flying under the radar for the past four years.

In Pruitt’s interview with Carson before her audition, she reveals that she left her record label (Disney’s Hollywood Records) to become a more mature artists and move on to “bigger and better things like this.” This statement begs me to ask the question: In what circumstance does an old Disney star find it necessary to go compete against amateurs on a reality TV show for a recording deal (especially after you just gave yours up)?

Once Jordan takes the stage, she belts out Katy Perry’s “The One That Got Away” and, after hitting a few rough spots, Christina Agulaira is the only judge to turn around. So it is team Christina for Pruitt, and Agulaira says, “I think the world could use another great pop star, and who better to coach them but me?”

Once again we have to ask: if Pruitt’s music career has not already taken off, will it ever? And is it really fair for a singer with years of world tours and album productions to compete on a reality show such as “The Voice”? Let us know what you think of the ex-Disney diva being on this season of “The Voice.”

  1. Hayley says

    complete crap in my eyes – she was signed by freakin DISNEY!!! If you give that up that’s your problem.

  2. Sam says

    I don’t see why Jordan can’t get her shot to do what she wants to do, in her own more adult way. I mean Cassadee Pope was in a successful band that was signed and now she is on The Voice as well. Javier Colon, who won Season one of The Voice, also had a contract and had released albums before his time on The Voice. Jordan has the same shot as anyone to win the competition and try and different angles for her music career. People who try out for the show come from different types of experience in the music world, and I don’t think Jordan should be punished for following the passion she has for music. She deserves a fair try to see how far she can get, I will support her throughout her run on the show.

    Keep in mind Jordan is now 21 years old and was still signed to a Disney label. She got her start with them at 14 and now it’s time to mature and grow, just like anyone else trying to find themselves and the sound they want.

  3. Carrie says

    That’s how the Voice is. A lot of the contestants had record deals already, just because you recognize her doesn’t mean you should hold it against her. She’s talented and deserves to see if she can make it as a more mature artist and not a Disney one.

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