New Research Suggests that “Dying Of A Broken Heart” May Be Something To Worry About

21.	New Research Suggests that "Dying Of A Broken Heart" May Be Something To Worry About

This is so unfair! We’ve all talked about our broken hearts, or being so embarrassed we could die. A new study done in Germany suggests that it isn’t just an exaggeration—these things can kill you! As if we needed another reason to dread a bad break up or mortifying faux pas. The researchers have “identified how emotional trauma – from winning the lottery to losing a close relative – can trigger a potentially lethal catastrophe in the body they call the ‘broken heart syndrome.’”

The study explains: “Similar to a stroke or a massive coronary, broken heart syndrome causes the body to pour out adrenaline and other stress hormones. This narrows the coronary arteries and impairs blood circulation. It also stuns the bottom half of the main pumping chamber of the heart, forcing the top portion to work much harder to compensate. The lack of oxygenated blood reaching the rest of the body—and indeed the heart—causes breathlessness, pain, and a loss of consciousness. The patient can die as a result of cardiac arrest, causing the brain to be starved of oxygen.”

So what can we do to avoid this horrible condition? First, don’t date people who will cruelly dump you, causing broken heart. The other big trigger is stress. The study cites the case of an elderly woman who was physically fit, but who had a heart attack triggered by weeks of feuding with the neighbors. They suggest that 2% of all heart attacks are caused by broken heart syndrome. So stay stress free: eat a balanced diet of fruit and veggies, pick physical and social activities over electronics (cell phones, internet, TV), exercise regularly, meditate, get plenty of sleep, and drink lots of water! Stay healthy readers! We don’t want to lose any of you to relationships gone sour!

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