5 Fun Things You Could Do To Pass the Time When Hurricane Sandy Hits

5 Fun Things You Could Do To Pass the Time When Hurricane Sandy Hits

Hurricane Sandy, one of the scariest storms to hit the USA in years, will make landfall later tonight. If you’re outside of the evacuation area, you won’t have much to do when the storm hits and the electricity fades. Celeb Teen Laundry thought of 5 things you could do while waiting for Ms. Sandy to pass.

1. No electricity means no Playstation, no Xbox, no internet, no iPhone, so what do you do when the electricity leaves you in darkness for a few days? You do stuff you’ve always wanted to do. Why don’t you pick up that book you’ve been eyeing for the past few weeks, but were too busy to sit down and read? Drawing your attention away from the storm will make those nerves better and keep you occupied throughout the duration of the storm.

2. There’s not much to do when stuck indoors, so why don’t you buy a portable CD/MP3 player and charge it up with some batteries? This way you could listen to your favourite music throughout the storm and won’t have to worry about being stuck with the wind and rain pounding in your ears.

3. The darkness and weather make for perfect ghost story time. Why don’t you gather up the family and ask your brothers/sisters/mom/dad to sit down and talk about spooky stuff? It’s almost Halloween, so this would be the perfect opportunity to get ready for the ghosties lurking around the corners.

4. You remember that school project you procrastinated on and wished away for several weeks? Well, now would be the perfect time to get working on that project. Take this time to catch up on your school work and make the grade. Life will return to normal in a few days, so why not take this crazy time to finish up that calculus project? “Sir, the storm blew away my project,” won’t be a high-quality excuse.

5. Play games. Yes, there’s still something called Monopoly and Charades! Get the family to sit down and make the most of the storm by having a games night. Open up that shelf in the living room, blow off the dust, and set up the board game for some family fun!

Remember to listen to all safety regulations. Storm chasing is so 1995, so rather stay inside the safety of your home and pass the time by doing things you never had the opportunity to do. Listen to the advice of your parents and stay safe at all times. What will you do to keep yourself busy while the storm hits? Let us know in the comments below!

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