A New Era Of Facebook: Beta Testing For “Want” Button Begins Soon

A New Era Of Facebook: Beta Testing For "Want" Button Begins Soon

For those of you who were online in the time of Myspace (which originally had NO status update option), you can appreciate how revolutionary Facebook is! Although you may be disappointed that a “dislike” thumb is not in the works, Daily Mail reports that Facebook is hoping to launch a “want” button, which would make online gift shopping that much easier. The new feature would let users “want” all sorts of things, compiling them into a wish list that could be used as a shopping list, gift list, maybe even wedding registry list?

Pottery Barn and Victoria‘s Secret are currently working with the tech wizards to combine their online shopping experience with a Facebook friendly format that may allow you to purchase directly through Facebook. The “want” button may actually say “collect.” Either way, once pressed, the item will pop up on your timeline. If it sounds a lot like Pinterest, that’s because it is! Users will “want” or “collect” pictures of things, and can then decide to continue to buy, or just save the item.

The collections feature does not give Facebook a cut of any purchases, said a spokeswoman. They may, however, get paid to advertise the “want” items onto friend’s news feeds. What do you think of this new feature? It sounds like Pinterest meets Amazon, but on Facebook. I am already pretty annoyed that pages can pay to appear in my news feed as “things you might like”. Would it be just too crazy for a friend to like a Pottery Barn throw pillow and then have nothing but home decor on my feed? To be honest, I’m nostalgic for a simpler time–the time of email and home phones! People spent more time talking, writing emails, not 10-word texts. When the feature launches, will you use it? Do you think it’s a convenient and centralized way to shop, or is Facebook trying to take on too much?

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