Amber Portwood Betrayed While In Prison, Gary Shirley Is Dating The Babysitter!

Amber Portwood Betrayed While In Prison, Gary Shirley Is Dating The Babysitter!

Amber Portwood has become a perfect example of why you shouldn’t drink, abuse drugs, hit people, and skip on birth control. She is currently in jail serving a 5-year sentence after she refused to return to a rehab clinic to address depression, drug abuse, and anger issues. She has updated Teen Mom viewers on her status, and it sounds like she is going to make the most of her sentence and try to come out strong and clean. Her only complaint was that Gary Shirley, her ex-fiance who currently has custody of their daughter Leah, wouldn’t come visit her. He has since announced on his Facebook page that, after speaking with family, lawyers, and probably a therapist, he has learned how important it is for Leah to see mom, and they’re getting the paperwork in order so Leah can visit Amber in jail. It seemed like things were picking up for Amber, but now it’s being reported that Gary is hooking up with their babysitter, 21-year-old Kelsi Bowden.

Amber and Gary hired Kelsei a while ago, but it seems like their relationship has changed since Amber went to jail. A source reported to National Enquirer that Gary has been inviting Kelsi over for more than just babysitting. Leah is even calling this woman “mommy”. Of course, Amber has no way of knowing what Gary is doing, but if she knew it would be heartbreaking. She may be crazy, but she loves her daughter. Gary has all the power right now and decides if Leah visits, and when. Now Amber is being replaced and can’t do anything to stop it. Gary seems like a pretty good guy, so I hope that he would at least have the decency to correct Leah and remind her who Amber is. I wonder when their first visit to mommy’s “vacation” will be. It’s hard to make sense of their twisted world, but what do you think of Amber and Gary? I hope Kelsi is a good role model and can help to support Leah, but calling her mommy is too far! Gary needs to step in and defend Amber!

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  1. Kevin says

    We can split hairs about MTV’s culpability and rsnposee; I agree.But the fact that anyone is talking about it at all strikes me as a miracle.I’m a guy who was attacked, constantly, during all the years I was married. And no, since someone *always* asks, I never hit her – not even in self defense. And I had the bruises to prove it. The police were worthless (with one exception, at the very end). I would leave the house to let things cool off, walk up to cops at the coffee shop, show them the bruises on my face and ask if it was something they could do something about. “No”, they’d respond, hardly bothering even to do that. Once, a cop responded to an incident during our divorce where she’d kicked me in the groin as my kids watched because I hadn’t given her a key to the house (she’d moved out); his rsnposee was “well, you should have given her a key”, and I got the impression that if I hadn’t had a few witnesses, I might be going to jail. They did nothing to her. Worse? The “Therapy community” was a bigoted as anyone else. We were going through couples counseling (this’d be fifteen years ago), and we discussed an incident where my then-wife kicked me and hit me with a kid’s toy. He asked to speak with us separately; from me, he got some petty details. He told her to get a restraining order, take the kids and leave me (she told me later). So seeing the media actually address the issue is a start. It’d be better to see “women” like that worthless slug “Amber” dragged in front of judges and losing their rights and their freedom and their futures, just like men do every single day over merely being accused of what she did.

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