Be Careful When Wearing Bright Prints This Fall

Be Careful When Wearing Bright Prints This Fall

Designer, 31-year-old Nicole Richie has a warning for us.  She is cautioning us about how easy it is to go over the top when it comes to bright prints, and end up looking like you’d be more at home on a campsite.

She told PEOPLE: “Look for prints that have a darker background and the accent is a pop of colour, as opposed to a large, overall bright print. That’s the difference in what makes you look like a colourful tent or actually complementing the body.”

Nicole also says that once you have the look for you you should add something to make the outfit stand out!

She had to say this about accessories, “If I was telling someone how to accessorize, I would just say keep throwing on the jewellery, keep throwing on the glasses – that’s just how I do it. But you have to do what’s comfortable for you.”

How do you make your outfit stand out?  Do you throw on  a lot of jewelery to accessorize?  Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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