Did Boy Meets World Star Ben Savage (AKA Cory Matthews) Just Let Slip A Reunion Special?

Did Boy Meets World Star Ben Savage (AKA Cory Matthews) Just Let Slip A Reunion Special?

Thank you Twitter gods! Twitter is probably my favorite form of social media, because it has all the accessibility of a drunk text, but the whole world gets to see and enjoy! The hit show Boy Meets World has a cult following, with only the coolest knowing all the words to each episode, the special Feeny call, and having obsessively stalked everything Rider Strong (Shawn Hunter) has done since. (For example, did you see his hilarious TV lineup parody video? Check it out below!)

Now, a big part of being a successful writer is taking the smallest of clues and piecing them together into a realistic, honest story–one based on facts, not fantasy. Unfortunately, I may be shirking that right now and allowing my fanatic passion for Boy Meets World cloud my judgment. So, take what follows as a loose interpretation, and please, dive into the conversation and give us your own spin!

Earlier this week, @BenSavage responded to a fan tweet:

 @BrooklynDecker: Why is Boy Meets World trending?? Perhaps (dare I say) a reunion? Please tell me this is why

@BenSavage: You never know, Brooklyn 😉

Slap me, I must be dreaming. He wouldn’t be so cruel as to hint about something like that, without having truth to back it up–right? The cast has been pretty quite ever since the series wrap up. Topanga (Danielle Fishel) has worked a bit for the Style Network, but I am sure they’d give her time off for something this incredible. Of course, were it to actually happen, we must remember that these people are fully-functioning adults now, in their early thirties. Best chance seems to be for a 10 Years Later sort of thing. It could happen, right? Please validate my conclusions, it has been too long! Watch Rider Strong poke fun at modern TV below. This seems to fuel the fire–we need classic shows on the air again!

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