Healthy? Unhealthy? Take The Quiz Below To Find Out

Healthy? Unhealthy? Take The Quiz Below To Find OutHow do you know if you’re living a healthy lifestyle? Is it based on how many times you visit the doctor? Is it based on how you look and feel? What exactly does it mean to have a healthy lifestyle? Celeb Teen Laundry did some snooping around on the internet and found you a self-help questionnaire to check on how you’re doing on the health side of life.

Take the questionnaire by Teen Issues UK and see if your lifestyle is optimal for healthy living:

Do you sleep for about eight hours per night?
Do you go to sleep easily and sleep through the night?
Do you eat at least five fruits and vegetables each day?
Do you limit the amount of sugar and salt in your diet?
Do you stay away from cigarettes and other tobacco products?
Do you avoid alcohol and drugs?
Do you get at least thirty minutes of exercise or activity each day?
Do you brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day?
Do you see a dentist and GP regularly if you feel something is wrong?
Do you usually feel that you can manage all of the tasks required of you in a given day?
Do you have family and friends ready to help and support you if needed?
Do you feel comfortable and practice safer sex in intimate relationships?

 “Yes” to four or less questions on the list means that you’re living a very unhealthy lifestyle and will be able to improve extensively on certain aspects. An unhealthy lifestyle will have dire consequences on your future self, including diabetes and heart disease. It is extremely important that you start focusing on healthy living to develop your future.

“Yes” to between five and eight question the list means that you’re a fairly healthy person, but you will still need to improve on several aspects of your life for optimal health. It is never too late to smoke less, drink less and/or exercise more.

“Yes” to nine or more questions on the list means that you’re living a healthy lifestyle, but improvement is still necessary on the questions you answered with a “no”.

You should look at which questions on the list you’re able to improve on and which questions you could benefit from in the future. There are more than enough ways to break loose from certain habits, including drinking and smoking. If you’re uncertain on where to start, why not visit your GP and have him/her assist you on the more difficult aspects? Keep in mind, your doctor is there to improve your health and will not divulge any information to your parents that might be non-beneficial to you. Remember teens, the healthy lifestyle you start today, will last you a lifetime.

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