It’s Time for A New season of Teen Mom 2, It’s Season 3! (Video)

It’s Time for A New season of Teen Mom 2, It's Season 3! (Video)

It looks like another season of high octane drama for the girls of Teen Mom 2 which premieres on MTV on Nov. 12. Jenelle Evans’s is as screwed up as ever. She’s questioning who Jace’s father really is and decides to go ahead and have that paternity test done once and for all to determine whether or not her former boyfriend, Andrew is the baby daddy. She also can’t keep herself clean and sober; even though she’s on probation she fails another drug test. Her relationship with her mom will be worse than ever this season with Barbra Evans promising to keep her away from her son for good.

Hopping from one train wreck to another, Leah Messer doesn’t just have boyfriends. Every guy turns into marriage material, at least in her head. The fairly recent divorcee’ is now engaged to Jeremy and surprise-surprise, she’s pregnant! I’m gonna go out on a limb here and predict that Leah will have 5 kids with four different fathers by the time she’s 26. Anyone else agree?

Chelsea Houska returns to Teen Mom 2 and she’s still ensnared in a toxic relationship with baby-daddy Adam Lind.  This clown jerks her around every chance he gets and she still goes back for more. The deadbeat moves in with Chelsea this season and gives her a promise ring. I just wonder what he’s promising her- more drama?

Kailynn might be the most normal of the bunch. She is in that difficult position of watching her ex move on and really not wanting the new girl friend around her child. I think most single moms have been there so at least Kailynn’s story is relatable!

Will you be tuning in to the new season? Who’s your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

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