Kate Middleton Teaches Us How To Be Princesses — By Gardening

Kate Middleton Teaches Us How To Be Princesses -- By Gardening

The local/organic movement hasn’t just struck America–Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has got the bug to garden too, and was swapping potato tips during a tour of Elswick Park in Newcastle. The style icon and future queen consort doesn’t mind getting dirty if it means growing delicious produce, and has been a devoted gardener for some time. A gardener at Elswick Park revealed “Kate grows her own potatoes in sacks. We were digging the potatoes and she was asking me about it. She said ours were bigger. She only got small ones this year.”

It is customary for monarchs to lend a hand when a country is in need–Queen Elizabeth II worked for the Women’s’ Auxiliary Territorial Service during World War II, where she trained as a mechanic! Perhaps if all goes south Kate can be appointed head of food services for the country. We’ve heard she makes delicious fruit preserves. She’s actually turned to her jam skills at family holidays, and it was reported that Prince William Duke of Cambridge encouraged her to go homemade, instead of trying to impress his side of the family with fancy gadgets.

So how can we emulate? Kate has showed us time and time again that the best way to live a royal life is to spend time helping others. Sure, she does it with perfectly curled and bouncy hair, but that shouldn’t stop us from living like a queen! Home made gifts show more time and effort than something purchased, and gardening is a great way to get excited about food. Besides, who doesn’t love sitting in the garden during the summer with a good book? Are you surprised that Kate loves gardening? She must have a live-in manicurist to keep her cuticles in such good shape!

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