Lauren Conrad Admits: She’s Addicted to Knitting, DIY Craze Hits Hollywood

Lauren Conrad Admits: She's Addicted to Knitting, DIY Craze Hits Hollywood

Cites like Etsy and Pinterest have been encouraging a new generation to go to the craft store, put in some elbow grease, and wow friends and family with home made treasures. For a little money you can make everyone gift baskets during a Harry Potter marathon–my Christmas baskets this year include peach jam, crocheted octopuses stuffed with catnip, knit headbands, candles in old coffee mugs, and for those with kids, chalk boards made from old kitchen cabinets. Socialite and fashion icon Lauren Conrad has been bit by the do it yourself bug and has been knitting scarves for everyone she knows!

Lauren told People, ”I make scarves for everybody, it’s like a new addiction of mine. All I know how to do is make a scarf, but I really enjoy knitting so I can’t like give those things away. I keep making people wear them and nobody even really wants them anymore.” This may come as a surprise to those who only know Lauren as a reality TV star, but since her departure from Laguna Beach, Lauren has been working hard to establish herself as a business woman. Of course, it’s hard to pull off knit scarves in Los Angeles, what with their winters being about 60 degrees. Lauren has a great sense of style and explains, ”It’s all about texture this season, so whether it’s the big chunky knits or the mixing in of leather pieces.” Sounds like she is, as always, on the first wave of a new trend!

What is Pinterest inspiring you to do this fall? Will you be following in Lauren’s example and rock the “made with love” gifts? More importantly, what are your best kept secrets about the DIY world? Let us know in the comments below.

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