Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy Split

Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy Split

Taylor Swift and 18-year-old Conor Kennedy have called it quits on their long-distance relationship after the “long-distance” part became too large of a strain on the relationship. While Taylor was looking to buy the $4.5 million Hyannis Port house to be close to Conor in Massachusetts, a deal which she is still following through on, the release of her new album “Red” appeared to be too hectic for the young couple.

A source told Us Weekly that the couple decided to officially split on Thursday, but hadn’t actually seen each other in almost a month. The source said, “They both just quietly parted ways a short while ago. It was just a distance thing [that’s] now over. There’s no hard feelings. They’re fine.” Swift was reportedly booked on promotional commitments for “Red” and was not possibly going to have the time to see Conor.” Things weren’t easy on Conor’s end either and the source shared that he had “gone back to school, and the deans at Deerfield are not happy about him jetting around with Taylor.”

As to how the split will effect Swift’s career? Famed businessman Donald Trump does not see any possible harm coming from the breakup. He tweeted about the breakup saying, “Taylor and Conor–great news for Taylor!”

So far, Billboard is predicting that “Red” will make over 1 million sales in the first week, which would be a huge success for Swift. The 22-year-old singer is proud of the album and says, “I really don’t feel like any two songs on “Red” sound alike on the whole record. What ties all the songs together for me is the rhythm of each track really sounds like the emotion I was trying to write about when I sing.”

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  2. Korynna says

    I would definitely say her past reoalitnships. I can’t speak for her obviously but I know from my own experience that when you have what you consider a great love all other reoalitnships after that get compared to it, and no matter who breaks your heart henceforth your mind always drifts back to that one person.’ Sometimes its because you’re not over the person or sometimes its simply because that person/that relationship set the bar for how you feel about reoalitnships and how you handle them as you move forward in life. We know what songs are about Joe Jonas and its my opinion/suspicion that Taylor’s relationship with him set her bar. Speaking as someone who has that person’ in my past as well, its very difficult to deal with the loss of a person who’s love you believed in so fully. It changes and shapes the person you are as well as how you handle/view your following reoalitnships. My GUESS is that Taylor’s biggest relationship-struggle is learning how to let go of all of the aftershock of that relationship so that one day when she IS ready to date again that past won’t be a shadow looming over her future.Those are just my thoughts~

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