Taylor Swift Teams With Keds For New Shoe Line

Taylor Swift Launches Teams With Keds For New Shoe Line

I had so much more respect for her before she started the “celebrity brand” thing. Her fragrance Wonderstruck smells like every other sweet perfume, and now Taylor Swift has signed a three year contract with Keds to brand her own shoes! I predict curling irons, high waisted shorts, and Taylor-approved-kittens to follow!

So what’s up with this? She told Women’s Wear Daily, “I’ve been a fan of Keds for years, because they have two of my favorite elements of great style — they’re classic and effortless. I remember wearing Keds as a little kid, while riding my bike around the farm. When I got older, I started wearing them again. There’s something cool about shoes that you can grow up with.”

This is totally true. Keds are a great, classic shoe. You can rock them with jeans, dresses, shorts, beach, and so on. They are comfy, come in cute colors and patterns, and are relatively inexpensive. But does the world really need Taylor Swift Keds? Apparently! Taylor wants you to get them because she “think[s] they add something casual and cool to your look, and the new colors and patterns are so eclectic,” she added. “I love pairing them with vintage looks.

Taylor Swift Launches Teams With Keds For New Shoe Line

I won’t argue with that. Taylor has always looked cute in vintage sun dresses, high waisted trousers, and penny loafers. The first pair to be released will be available to order on October 22nd, when her new album comes out. They will cost $50 and can be purchased from Keds, Taylor’s online shop, Nordstrom, or Journeys. The first pair to be released are, quelle surprise, red, with the word “RED” printed on the heel. A fall must have or a celebrity flop? Would you wear these? I wonder if they’ll all be printed with song lyrics, or if some will be patterned. Time will tell!

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