Demi Lovato Supports Kate Middleton

Demi Lovato Stands Up For Kate Middleton

Demi Lovato supports Kate Middleton!

Ever since Kate Middleton the Duchess of Cambridge married Prince William in 2011, Royal Watchers have been obsessed with her every move. Kate has been under a constant microscope with any action on her part taken as an indication she is pregnant.  The speculation has been endless, Kate was at an State event where she turned down wine, Kate wore a dress that was not form fitting, Kate loosened her belt, Kate hiccuped and on and on and on.  The tabloids have been brutal announcing her pregnant, pregnant with twins,  miscarriages etc. etc.

When Demi Lovato saw a picture of a slim Kate on the cover of a magazine with an arrow stating she was pregnant she decided to give her two cents worth.  Demi, who is no stranger to body images issues, tweeted the following to her twitter account:

“Apparently Kate Middleton is pregnant because of this picture….. are you kidding me?!! And people wonder why girls/guys have body issues.  Whether she is or not, she still has a beautiful body!”

Good on ya Demi, you tell them!

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