Firefly – The Music Phenomenon

Firefly - The Music Phenomenon

Firefly, a South African band, is rapidly taking the world by storm with their incomparable sound. Sarah Jade Haskin, the lead vocalist, harbors nostalgia in her falsettos, and reminds the listener of an early Paramore spin-off. However, Firefly is nothing like commercially successful U.S. based bands; they’re like a powerful dark horse in the sprint to the finish line. Their individuality brought them to the world stage, and placed them in the visor of Hollywood. Their debut single, Intoxicate, was used in the critically and commercially acclaimed science fiction film, Chronicle, as well as on the soundtrack of MTV’s Nitro Circus’ Best Hits DVD.

Formed in late 2007, Firefly has been a familiar force in the Cape Town music scene. They have had a busy couple of years with numerous radio interviews, music tours, and their debut album, “Our Story”. They also had their debut film screen appearance on the above mentioned sci-fi hit, when the head honchos at Universal Pictures were so impressed by their music that they scrapped initial plans of using a band to mimic a song in the film, and opted instead to use Firefly’s single as part of the soundtrack to the film. This proud moment increased Firefly’s rep and made them destined for greatness.

Sarah Jade’s singing career started when she was seven-years-old. At age 12, Sarah’s first band, Into Therapy, took part in a battle of the bands. This defining moment gave birth to Jade, a pre-Firefly band with the same members. Sarah credits her excellent front-man (or is it front-woman?) performances to live concert DVD’s she studied. According to Sarah, “I am still growing and I am still learning as a vocalist and as a person. Never expect it to be easy. Fame doesn’t just fall into your lap. You have to fight for it, you have to be able to fall and pick yourself back up again. But that’s rock and roll, and I wouldn’t swap it for anything else.

There’s no denying that Firefly will soon be one of the hottest bands on the market, as their Hollywood appeal and interesting sound have already cemented them as one of the most defining bands in Southern Africa. The world is their oyster, and they’re fighting harder than anyone else to have their voice become a harmonious roar on the international stage.

You can listen to Firefly’s music on their official website –, and if you like what you see, why not pop over to and buy their debut album?

You can catch up with them on twitter HERE and Facebook HERE

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