Instagram Is Growing: Coming Online, Introducing User Profiles, And More!

Instagram Is Growing: Coming Online, Introducing User Profiles, And More!

Users of the amazing app Instagram will be happy to hear: the app is expanding from a sharing plug-in to it’s own social media site. While it won’t be as huge as Facebook or Twitter, it will soon launch a website and allow users to make unique user profiles, bio information, and more. The company was bought recently by Facebook, who plans to unveil the new Instagram to its 50 million users this month.

For those of you who haven’t discovered the amazingness that is Instagram, let me describe. It is currently an app for smart phones that allows users to edit photos with different color washes, lenses, and all sorts of goodies. Now, you can edit and then post images to your Instagram (which other users can follow–sort of like a wordless Twitter with no feed page), or save them and post to Facebook and Twitter. What’s cool about the update is that it lets users personalize even more.

Instagram has been really popular with celebs too, so it follows that more Instagram = more deets on Hollywood’s finest! It sounds like Facebook isn’t going to fully merge the companies, so users won’t be able to link to their Facebook accounts in Instagram (making a two-for-one log in page, for example). Instagram also has black and white privacy policies: private or public. Parents like the safety and anonymity, and users like the different lenses. Whatever you use it for, this can only mean good things! Will you use the online site or stick to the mobile version?

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