Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Had A Sleepover Last Night, Are They Back Together?

Justin and Selena were spotted at Yamato Japanese Restaurant, but they left after only a few minutes.

Oh, the strange behavior of the rich and the famous! Last week we reported that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez had split after Justin got a little too cozy with Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin. We knew we were right when Justin started singing sad songs and sending tweets thanking fans for standing by him. Meanwhile, Selena refused to let a tiny man bring her down, and kept on top of her business engagements, even wowing us with a powerful acceptance speech at the Glamour ceremony for Woman of the Year. But it seems there are some lose threads, and the duo tried to sort them out last night over dinner.

Justin and Selena were spotted at Yamato Japanese Restaurant, but they left after only a few minutes. Photos show Selena’s face looking turned off and gloomy as they walked out, while Justin looks irritated. My guess is she realized she wasn’t ready for a whole meal with the loser, and forced him to leave. She drove home where he met her late carrying a take out dinner. It looks like he hadn’t been invited though, because the Biebs was forced to wait outside her gate and get shamed by paparazzi before she consented to let him come inside. They must have had quite a lot to discuss, because he stayed all night!

I think this could mean a few different things:

1. They’re sad about the split and are in the awkward “I’m hurt/mad but miss you” phase

2. Selena feels mean cutting him out entirely, and so consented him a chance to explain/beg for forgiveness

3. Selena is too nice to hold a grudge and is letting him walk on her like a door mat

Whatever it is, Selena seems to be wearing the pants, otherwise she’d be begging for entrance outside of his gate. Selena has been acting so strong and self assured this week, we hate to think she may be considering letting the scum back in! The truth of the matter is Justin and Selena will always be hounded by the paps, so they absolutely must be on best behavior at all times. What could have been a questionable demi date with a lingerie model, once published, becomes a fervid orgy with an entire fleet of models. Selena can’t let that image of herself continue, and so she responds based on the tabloids, not on reality. Perhaps she’ll come out and speak soon, but until then, we hope she stays strong and puts him in his place!

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  2. Mariah says

    I think selena should just go out with some one else and forget about justin there are alot of better people out there for her but thats just my opinion

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