Kate Nash Announces Third Album ‘Girl Talk’ To Be Released In February

British Songstress Releases New Music Video, New EP To Come!

Be still, my beating heart! Girl power vixen and amazing songstress Kate Nash has finally done it–after a two and a half year hiatus, she’s finally releasing her next album, to be called Girl Talk! For those of you who have been following her Twitter updates, you’ll know she’s released two songs since 2010’s album My Best Friend Is You, called Underestimate the Girl and Fri-end. Most of her shows have been UK and Europe bound, which is pure agony for US fans (agonizing enough for us to write in to her Agony Aunt column and seek help!). Kate released a statement about the record:

So I went to L.A earlier this year in March and stayed in a mansion in Echo Park to make a record (which was as ridiculous and amazing as it sounds). It was once owned by the silent movie star Antonio Moreno in the 20s, got turned into a convent for a little while and now it’s owned by an antiques collector and interior designer.

I spent two months living there with my girl band and working with the great producer Tom Biller! My friend Jeff Ellis engineered the record. You could wake up and pick fresh grapefruit from the grounds in the morning and spend all day recording in the main ballroom with crazy taxidermy all around you. There was a tiger, a wolf, a cheetah, even a polar bear! I actually just went back there recently to visit and was shown the newest to the collection, a giraffe! We’d drink whiskey into the night and light fires to keep the room warm, I had visits from various friends and lunatics that I know in the area and basically had one of the most surreal and incredible experiences of my life. When I look back it’s like some kind of awesome dream.

I know it was probably quite a lot of hard work, but it sounds like something out of a vacation! Kate first made a name for herself with the single Foundations off her first album Made of Bricks. The tone of music was ironic and cheerful, with erratic beats and unique melodies. Her second album had a darker tone, as Kate addressed feminist issues–self worth, rape, sexuality, and a very eclectic one liner song I Just Love You More. Fri-end seems to combine punk sound with the ‘nicer’ lyrics of her first record, while Underestimate The Girl is a great grunge anthem of rebellion.

Kate is going off the traditional record label and is releasing the album on her own label, called ‘have 10p’, which may mean that a huge world tour won’t be happening the way I’d like. One thing’s for sure, Kate is doing everything right and her music, like wine, is getting better with age! We love the assertive, self assured rock star ego she’s radiating, and the ironic 1950’s housewife imagery (in her release video and website) is positively jarring compared to her “I do what I like” hair and painted lips. Will you be playing her album on repeat come February? She’s been making such an effort to connect with fans and promote girl power, how can you not love her?

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