Miley Cyrus On Upcoming Wedding: ‘My Dad [Billy Ray] Knows Nothing’

Miley Cyrus Says Dad Doesn't Know Anything About Her Wedding

Is Miley Cyrus keeping her estranged dad away from the wedding? Well, we’re not too sure but according to Miley, she’s not telling her dad anything when it comes to planning the wedding. Billy Ray Cyrus and his daughter had been on on-again-off-again relationship throughout the years, with the most recent feud the two had when he told the press his daughter was having three weddings when she marries longtime boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, possibly next year.

Cyrus joked about her dad’s involvement in wedding planning when she told ET Online“My dad knows nothing,” she declared. “I think he’s getting cabin fever from [Superstorm Sandy]. He got stuck in his hotel and now he’s making up crazy things. He does what I do, when he’s sitting in a press thing, he’s like, ‘Let’s make this fun. Let’s make some stuff up’,” the ‘Who Owns My Heart’ singer commented.”

Earlier this month, Miley made an appearance on Ellen – as we previously reported – setting the record straight she would only be having one wedding, not three. The actress told the talk show host the media made the allegations sound ridiculous, adding that on her big day, it will be all about her. “There’s some rumor going around that I’m having like 47 weddings – I’m not. I’m having one wedding. That’s my day and whatever I want on that day, it will be about me and that moment, that look of love,” she tells Ellen.

“And it’s only the people that you really want there – it’s a day that you don’t have to say, ‘Well, I’m kind of obligated…’ I don’t ever feel like that. This is the one day that it’s what I choose and every detail is things that I love, and I think that look – I don’t want people to ever forget about that.”

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