One Direction: Who Is The Diva?

One Direction: Who Is The Diva?

One Direction is the quintessential boy band. They’re literally on the lips of every living person on the planet, including the cannibalistic tribes, the dictators of small African countries who think One Direction is a new government policy, and the masses and masses of female (and male) fans all over the world. They have clearly set-out personalities that define the boy band stereotype – Harry Styles is the flirtatious one, Niall Horan is the sweetheart, Louis Tomlinson is the funny one, Zayn Malik is the bad boy, and Liam Payne’s nickname is “Daddy Directioner”, clearly making him the paternal figure in the group. Well, since the stereotypes have been established, we have to ask, who is the biggest diva in One Direction?

According to Niall, “There’s no divas in the group. I think if there was they would be getting a slap on the face. You always have to remember where you come from and stuff. We’ve been given this massive opportunity. So, if anyone was like that they would get a slap across the jaw.” We’re glad to hear that the boys of 1D have kept their heads squarely screwed to their bodies, and aren’t living up in the clouds with the unicorns and egos. Diva behavior in the music industry is a big no-no, and could possibly damage the careers of the rest of the group. Clearly the boys have listened to their “Uncle Simon Cowell” with regard to becoming annoying little bitches that demand the tears of Thor be kept in a glass vial below the stage at their concert. There might not be divas in the group, but what about sleep schedules? (Yes, this is an important question for any One Direction stalker) Well, according to Niall, “Zayn is the hardest person to get out of bed. You could arrive up at his house to collect him and he would still be in bed.

There you have it One Directioners, there’s no diva in the group and you now know the sleeping schedule of Zayn Malik. May you use this information for the greater good of humanity and stifle the haters.

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