One Direction’s Working On A Fragrance Line – To Be Launched Globally In 2013

One Direction's Working On A Fragrance Line - To Be Launched Globally In 2013

Girls (and guys) get ready for your very own One Direction perfume bath! The six superstars, who are collectively called One Direction, have taken over the universe with their catchy, sugary pop tunes and male model good looks. The members – Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne – have decided to enter the perfume industry; so clean your cupboards, break Britney Spears, give Christina Aguilera a one-way trip to the garbage can, and prepare yourself for the sugary sweet smell of your favorite dudes.

According to latest reports, the One Direction guys have been working on their first fragrance line with Olivann Beauty, after the president of the company, Dana Kline, confirmed the month-long rumours. Kline has revealed that the perfume will be launched globally (yes, you too Indonesia!) in the fall of 2013. No more details have yet been released, but many One Directioners have already camped out at their local fragrance stores (it’s a long camping trip, okay?) in order to be the first to lay their hands on the product. We assume the One Direction fragrance will sell quicker than kidneys on the black market, and that many fragrance stores will be sold out within the first week of stocking the product.

An insider divulged to Marie Claire, “It’s going to be a sweet scent, definitely floral too.” Unfortunately, One Directioners won’t be able to buy six separate boxes to have six separate One Directions members in their cupboard like they had done with the album releases. The sources revealed that the perfume will only come in one standard box, due to time constraints. Boo-hoo! Let’s kick a kid like Sue Sylvester! Maybe then these people will listen?

One Directioners unite, Thundercats go, and beam us up Scotty, because we cannot, under any circumstances, miss the masses of crying One Directioners kicking each other in the face to get their hands on 1D’s super fragrance.

It’s like being a member of the group, only less taxing and less important.

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