25 Days Of Christmas: Girls Night In Party Ideas

25 Days of Christmas: Girls Night In Party Ideas

This Christmas, we are all about the DIY craze, but that doesn’t mean you have to start knitting all of your BFFs scarves or decoupaging personalized picture frames! To take the pressure off gift giving with your friends this year, why not through a fabulous girls night in? Get your group in the same place (this gets harder as you get older, which makes it even more special) and go all out. If you’re under 21, check out this page of fun non-alcoholic festive drinks. Head to a store like Marshalls, Ross, or HomeGoods to pick up some inexpensive party glasses.

Have each of your girlfriends bring a fun hors d’oeuvres–the fancier, the better! Arrange bite-sized snacks on plates for a tapas-inspired dinner on the floor around your coffee table. Add a roaring fire, jazzy holiday music, and a long gab session. We love doing at-home spa manicures too–pick out your favorite herbal tea to scent hot water to soak in, then shape nails and paint with a great OPI color (I know it’s a pricier brand, but it paints on evenly and lasts forever if you use with a base and top coat correctly!). Pop in a romantic comedy (or find a Sex and the City marathon on TV), regress to your tween years and play truth or dare, or pull out a classic boardgame. Whatever you do, make sure that the drinks and snacks are plentiful. This way, everyone can contribute something to a great night in, but you avoid the expense of dining out.

For a really devoted night, ask all guests to silence their cell phones and stick them in a bowl. (This works best if no one has family or friends who are due to have a baby any minute, in which case it isn’t fair!) Whoever can’t resist checking their cell phone has to treat everyone to a pint of gourmet ice cream! For a spa night, cook 1/2 cup of oatmeal on the stove with 1 cup of water. Let it cool and mix with one mashed avocado. Spread on face for 10 minutes and wash off. Embarassing pictures of you and your friends in face masks will be priceless five years from now, so have fun with it! What are you guys doing this holiday?

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