25 Days of Christmas: Lawn Ornament Scavenger Hunt

25 Days of Christmas: Lawn Ornament Scavenger Hunt

One of the best parts about the holiday season is the outdoor decorations. They’re a constant reminder that it’s a special time of year. While I prefer a single line of classy white lights along a roof, there are those homeowners who go all out. You know the ones I mean–they have every character from the nativity scene in snow globes, automaton reindeer, and a light up Santa who waves and chuckles. This year, get together with friends and family and go out on the town. In groups, set out to be the first to find 10 unique lawn ornaments. There are several variations, so check out our general rules below and adapt to make it work for you!

On foot:

Because it’s a walking tour, make sure to start somewhere with plenty of well-decorated houses. No one wants to trek miles in the cold to find the one person whose lawn boasts all the character’s from the island of misfit toys. But on foot is great because there isn’t the problem of dividing teams based on who can drive. Have the master of ceremonies (or host, if you prefer a less conspicuous title) print out lists of 5-10 ornament types that each group must find. To avoid hypothermia, set a time that everyone has to be home by. If they don’t make the clock, they’re out!


By driving, you can go through more neighborhoods, and get even crazier decorations. The con is that driving can be more stressful (do you want me to turn right or left? Which way?? I’m going left!) and is best if done with older teens and adults. Make sure your driver knows the area.

Tips for your list:

To mix it up, make them location specific (Santa on the roof, snow man on porch, etc). You can also search for multiples (three different types of snowmen, all the reindeer, etc). Try adding a “most vibrantly decorated lawn” category and have teams take pictures. Each team can only submit one house though! Make fun prizes out of Christmas desserts, white elephant gifts, or candy canes.


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