25 Days of Christmas: Operation Santa

25 Days of Christmas: Operation Santa

Christmas is a huge part of a child’s life–it teaches imagination and belief in magic and wonder. That’s why we are so in love with the United States Postal Service. They may have long lines and small parking lots, but every Christmas they organize Operation Santa, a volunteer event where letters of needy children are answered by kind hearted volunteers.

“Many needy children do not have the same anticipatory glow. Many of these children exhibit a touching belief in the goodness and charity of the Christmas season that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence. Their “Dear Santa” letters arrive by the thousands in every Post Office in our country. “Postal Elves” go through the letters and sort out those that wish Santa a Happy Birthday from those that express serious need. Local postal workers, individuals, and organizations or companies “adopt” the Dear Santa letters from needy children. They then shop for as many of the items requested in the letters and return to the Post Office with packages ready to mail. Once they pay the proper postage, the package is on its way to a very happy child.”

The letters are personally responded to and mailed back to the children with a post mark that says North Pole. Millions of children write in and the letters are sorted by need. Donations of money are used to pay for gifts, and volunteers write the letters. You can click here to find a participating post office near you, or donate money to the cause.

Operation Santa is such an important cause–it helps children to not only believe and trust, but provides much needed gifts. This holiday, please remember that while toys are great fun, it’s estimated that 10% of children in America don’t have enough food or winter clothing. Do what you can–volunteer to write a letter from Santa and answer a child’s wish!

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