25 Days of Christmas: Winter Night On The Town At A Holiday Movie

25 Days of Christmas: Winter Night On The Town At A Holiday Movie

Way back when, going to see a movie used to be a big deal! Of course, this was several decades ago, when they’d just learned how to add sound, but still! This holiday, bring back the magic of the early 20th century and make seeing a movie a first rate evening activity. Whether you start with a dinner at home or out, make sure to sneak in a thermos of hot chocolate, home made cookies, and cloth napkins. Dress winter chic in textured leggings, a wool jacket or trench. Accessorize with knit mittens, a thick scarf, and beret. Get your group of friends together and have everyone bring an easy-to-transport dessert!

At the last few movies I’ve seen, I’ve noticed that audiences have gotten a lot louder over the years. Of course, yelling at the characters can be great fun, but for a more civilized showing, stick to a movie that was released a while back. If you’re up for it, be daring and catch The Hobbit, This Is 40, or Parental Guidance. For a vintage night on the town, check local theatres for screenings of holiday classics like Holiday Inn or Christmas In Connecticut. Afterwards, hit an all night coffee shop or cozy bar for classy chit chat about the film (to be spoken in any European accent for additional class). If it’s not too late, arrange to see your movie close to a big outdoor shopping center so you can wander with your hot drinks and marvel at the city lights and store Christmas decorations.

I find this day is best started with a bit of holiday gift shopping, wrapping, or decorating. For a themed night, have the members of your group draw celebrity names from the golden age of Hollywood (Marilyn, either Hepbhurn, Cary Grant, and so on) and go all out with the hot rollers, fedoras, and manners! What do you and your friends do for a fun winter night on the town?

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