Backstreet Boys Reuinte, Perform Christmas Time Again At Disney Land

Backstreet Boys Reuinte, Preform Christmas Time Again At Disney Land

I guess it’s that time again–the time when our favorite bands from childhood reunite to perform lackluster concerts. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the Backstreet Boys when I was younger, and may still listen to them occasionally when longing for a blast from the past. But some things need to stay in the past. It’s like visiting your childhood tree house–in your memory, it’s a mansion of a house, but when you see it, it’s a small platform in a tree. Best to leave the memory uninterrupted!

Well the Backstreet Boys got together at Disney Land to perform their new song Christmas Time Again–the title seems to be all of the lyrics, except for some “duh duh duhs” in the background. They sing it in front of a pretty lackluster crowd, who don’t seem thrilled and have to be told to clap–basically, it’s really depressing. Considering that their concerts used to be as loud as any Justin Bieber concert–well, it’s sad.

Do you think the gang should have left the past alone, or was their concert tour with New Kids on the Block a success? Check out their new song and let us know: does it have you searching YouTube for all your old Backstreet Boys favorites? Could this be their comeback, or just a reminder of why they’re no longer on the radio?

  1. Taylor says

    The NKOTBSB concert last summer was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to, and I go to a LOT of concerts. Incredible energy from the audience and the Boys! I can’t wait for the next album and tour. I’m not quite sure why you think this was an audience that was encouraged to clap or scream for them. I knew someone who was there, and she texted me from the concert (it was pretaped last month)–people were going nuts for them. Now the audience was told where to stand, and there will lulls in the takes between different songs, but the enthusiam was real. This may have been a revisiting of your childhood, but for their fans, it was just a continuum of performances culminating next year in their 20th anniversary.

  2. Allin says

    Their performance was top notch and the audience didn’t have to be told to clap, if any they had to be told to be quiet a few times. I was there,a lot of people queued before the park opened just to see them, to the point the rides were empty. Look around, there blog posts complete with pics from that day (Nov 4) and people who were there said the rides were empty because the crowds were mostly seeing Backstreet Boys.

  3. Ashlee says

    They should have quit while they were still on top. So pathetic. They’re all like what? 40 now and still doing the lame boyband thing? Sad.

  4. Sphinx Kat says

    Hi guys! I’m referring to the guy in the blue shirt at 0:44 who cries “big applause, big applause!” to the crowd. I sincerely love the band, but the crowd seems pretty quiet compared to other concerts I’ve been to, which were continuous screaming (even during the songs!). I’m sure it would be a lot different in a real concert venue, instead of outdoors!
    -Sphinx Kat

  5. Piper says

    This wasn’t a “concert”. This was a taping of a television special-a bit different. There was staging, taping and teleprompters. And they had more problems getting us to shut up initially until we got with the program to do what they said when they said. Trust me, that guy telling people “applause” was for timing of taping. As for Ashlee–the guys are making money so why should they quit? Why would ANYONE quit working and making a living if they support themselves and their families doing it? They obviously have an audience, you simply aren’t part of it. That doesn’t mean it isn’t valid. They (Backstreet, not NKOTB) were in the Top 30 moneymaking music artists last year-so I think they are doing just fine.

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