Emma Stone Talks About Body Image Issues: Acne And Figure Of 10 Year Old Boy

Emma Stone Talks About Body Image Issues: Acne And Figure Of 10 Year Old Boy

We hate when celebs who are beautiful inside and out get down on themselves. Can’t they see what we see? Emma Stone may be gorgeous, a huge actress, and a really decent person, but that doesn’t mean she’s immune to the voices of criticism inside everyone’s head. The young actress talked about her body issues in an interview with Refinery29, a beauty website. “Well, I was kind of born with a 10-year-old boy’s body. For years, I was like: ‘Please let me grow some kind of curvature!’ But it did not happen. I mean, I’ve kind of given up the ghost on that one. It’s not happening… I wish. I’d kill for some cha-chas and a tuckus!”

Poor Emma! And that isn’t the end of it! She’s struggled (and still struggling) with the thing none of us can escape: acne. The actress had stress caused acne while filming Easy A,which they kindly video-airbrushed out of the movie.” The blonde beauty has also learned to love her freckles, but it took a long time to embrace! “ I used to spray tan a lot when I was a teenager. The last time I got spray-tanned was for the Golden Globes. And I was like ‘I love spray-tanning so much.’ I still really like it. But it definitely makes me look like I have leprosy, after a point.”

The actress is a huge supporter of SPF and sticking to a routine for healthy skin. Remember kids: tanning looks hot but looses a lot of the appeal when the cancer factor presents itself! So if you’re in the sun, don’t skip on the SPF! Spray tan if you need a golden glow, and don’t expect one-time miracle formulas to clear away any skin issues.

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