Kim Kardashain Gets Killer Hair Kut, Debuts Long Sweepy Bangs

Kim Kardashain Gets Killer Hair Kut, Debuts Long Sweepy Bangs

It is not often that I have anything good to say about Kim Kardashian–she’s giving girls across the world body image issues with her plastic surgery’d face and professional make up team on hand to keep each artificial eye lash perfectly in place. Well, the reality star has done something right for a change, though it doesn’t look like it was her idea! Yesterday, Kim took to Instagram to show off her new hair cut. She tweeted, “Fun shoot today @chrismcmillan He just can’t control his scissor hands!” Attached was a photo collage of the cut (above).

Love her or hate her, Kim is a style icon. A lot of people make the argument that she is a good role model because of her curvy body and self confidence, but I think that anyone who wears so much fur, goes under the knife, sells out her personal life for money, then lies about it–well, I wouldn’t want my kids to idolize someone like that. But the bangs look awesome. Which is why we are doing another installment of How To Hair! Hair cuts are super stressful because once it’s cut, you have to live with it! Sure it will grow back…eventually, but what about the next six months of the awkward do?

World famous stylist Frederic Fekkai advised Cosmopolitan Magazine,”If you have great bone structure, you’ll be a sure stunner in short hair. Since short hairs don’t fall limp, your style will look fuller and soften finely chiseled features. If you have a narrow face, a midlength mane with layers is an ideal option. Shoulder-level hair will frame your head nicely, while the layers will add volume to counterbalance the thinness of your face. Heart-shape faces look sexiest sporting bangs snipped straight across the forehead. For a round face, keep tresses long (one length or layered) to avoid the chubby-cheek look. A shorter cut will only flatter you if the back is longer than the front. The sexiest style for a square jawline is a mane that falls just above or right at your shoulders. Cropped hair just makes jawlines more pronounced. Also avoid having bangs cut straight across your forehead; the square shape will box in your face. If your neck is on the short side, keep locks long. A supershort cut will only accentuate your neck’s lack of length.”

But remember: the most important thing is a hair stylist who understands your hair texture! Virtually any hair cut looks good after a professional wash and blow out, but how will it look when you let it dry naturally? When you get a new haircut, save up to splurge on a true artist–you can find them in the most unexpected places too! Look for the stylist who has several credentials for different brands of color application or hair treatments–this shows they are passionate about continuing their education. And always remember to tip generously! Do you love Kim’s bangs?

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