One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Narroly Avoids NYPD Arrest!

One Direction's Louis Tomlinson Says He's Not Gay

So today while in New York City, One Direction was being driven in an SUV. Louis Tomlinson decided it was an ideal time to pop out of the car’s sunroof–like in movies–and take some pictures! Unfortunately for Louis, that is totally illegal! NYPD were on the scene in a heartbeat, ready to give a ticket to whoever was not wearing a seatbelt. In a lucky turn, the officers were smitten by the boyband and let them off the hook! One officer even got a photo taken with him. The entire incident was caught on video, which you can check out below.We hope the boys took the lesson to heart: don’t break driving laws! It’s seriously dangerous!

But I can’t help but wonder: is it fair that Louis got off just because of his celeb status? The ticket doesn’t have a “he deserved it” box, it just states that a law was violated. Which it was! I don’t think it’s right that celebrities can get out of things like this. Not only does it set a bad example, but it means that our laws aren’t being enforced well. Louis may still learn the lesson, but fines for infractures like that pay for important services–pot hole repair, salaries, and so on! We know Louis has an extra hundred to donate to the cause! Should celebrities be exempt from these “minor” laws, or should we all have to play by the same rules? Let us know what you think about One Direction’s run in with NYPD in the comments!

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