25 Days of Christmas: Winter Ball – Budget Saving Ideas!

Winter ball or winter formal is likely around the corner for your school. These dances can financially ad up quickly between dresses, hair, nails and tickets! In high school I had to have a part time job to help pay for all those sorts of things. I never had my hair done until my senior year prom, and there were MANY dances during high school before that one! Follow these easy tips to ensure a beautiful look for half the price!

French twist up do:
This is a super easy thing to do with ANY type of hair! Start by parting your hair off to the side. Grab a small chunk of hair right at the front of your hair line. Twist the hair towards the back of your head. As your work the hair down keep grabbing more hair and twist backwards. You’ll want to twist the hair to at least the back of your neck (right below your ear). From this point you’re free to style how you’d like. If you want to wear the look down: try putting your hair in curlers the night before (or curl with an iron) and secure the twist with a pretty clip right at the ear. If you want to wear the look up: gather all your extra hair into a pony tail. You can loosely curl the pony tail or wrap it into a messy bun for two totally different looks. If you need a little security slide some bobby pins in the twist to secure it. Spray it down with some hair spray and you’re done! I do this often with my bangs when I don’t feel like styling my hair!

This you can do several different ways. Of course beautifully done acrylic nails are great but they can also be pricey! I love my Everlasting French Square nail kit by Kiss! They are so easy to apply and really give a professional look. I have gotten so many compliments and people asking where I got my nails done. They are shocked when I tell them my house. I buy the real short ones but if you want a more dramatic look you can get longer ones. I go a bit heavy on the glue to ensure they stay for a long time! I also make sure to cut my nails down and file the tops of my nails to help the glue and fake nail stay better. You’re friends will be so surprised how professional your nails look for a fraction of what they spent! They have kits for toes too, yet I’ve never tried them. Another great option if you can grow natural nails is to purchase a French tip painting kit. I find these to be a bit trickier to work with and if you don’t have long nails they don’t look as pretty. I say stick with the press ons! If in doubt, I suggest trying them a few times before your dance to make sure you get them perfected for your big day. If you’re looking for a fun look, try some fun colored polish to match your outfit and some nail stickers. Always cover with a top coat to ensure the best results!




Make Up:
The smoky eye and bold lips are the in thing for this year. Try this easy smoky eye:
1-Brush the entire lid with white eye shadow (or lightest color)
2- Take black/dark eyeliner and fill all the way until the crease of your eye
3- Using a brush or a wedge, smudge the color to blend the edges, don’t blend too much! You don’t want to go above the crease.
4-Highligh your brow bone with a light eye shadow, I like to use a shimmer for this part!
5-Find a dark (black) shadow and blend it into your outer crease
6-brush just a bit of dark shadow (or eyeliner) under the eye
7-Curl lashes for an extra dramatic effect
8-Line your lids with a waterproof eye liner
9- Finish off with mascara on your top and bottom lashes

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