Courtland Rogers Claims He and Jenelle Evans Are STILL “Happily Married!”

Jenelle Evans' Claims He and Jenelle Evans Are STILL "Happily Married!"

Hold the phone!  Jenelle Evans’ husband Courtland Rogers claims all the reports that he and Jenelle are separating are not true!  Not only does he  claim the reports are untrue, he goes on to say that the two are, “Happily Married!”

Of course Courtland headed to Twitter to make the announcement, because that is where all celebs leak their personal information, right?  Courtland tweeted, “Jenelle and I are happily married I don’t know why the news said we were officially getting a divorce when clearly we are together lol.”

I don’t think I will ever have enough stamina as a gossip columnist to keep up with these two crazies.  Technically y’all are still married. Happily? That’s debatable. Because after what you’ve subjected me to over the last week–all that arguing and stressful Twitter communication–I’d say the happiness meter is a bit low. Or, at least, a bit confused.

But whatever we may have thought yesterday, the couple’s relationship is alive, well, and fully “functional” as they head into 2013. The couple was spotted celebrating at a New Year’s Eve party together having a good time as if nothing ever happened. She said on her Facebook, “I haven’t drank in months…. Now I want this alcohol OUT of my system ughhhhh… Thanks baby for not letting me drink anymore then I did 🙂 love u gorgeous u r my life saver lol had so much fun last night!

Ughh, these two need to go away!

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