Emma Stone Says The Paparazzi Make Her Feel Like An Idiot

Emma Stone Says The Paparazzi Make Her Feel Like An Idiot

One would assume Emma Stone is used to being as famous as she is. One would also assume that Emma Stone is able to handle the paparazzi like a pro, but that’s not the case! During a recent interview with Glamour magazine, Emma opened up about her pap-phobia.

According to her, “It’s weird in Los Angeles [photographers are] hiding out everywhere. The hardest thing is that it makes me act like an a-hole because I now have this weird level of paranoia that I never had before.” She added, “It feels like having a private investigator on you or something. You find yourself walking around holding your head up like you’re looking in the mirror – and your friends are wondering what’s wrong with you. Then I feel like a jerk because half the time there’s nobody there… still, I really don’t want to be caught with a burger all over my face.

And just like that, we scream laughed until dawn. We don’t know how we would handle being chased by crazed photographers all day, so big-ups to Emma for taking it in her stride.

Chris Guerra, a young celebrity photographer, was recently killed in a Justin Bieber car chase. His death caused the entire Hollywood to sit up and pay attention to the issue of paparazzi safety. Everyone in this line of work – especially paparazzi – are at risk of injury and/or death, so perhaps stricter laws could be put in place to protect our favorite celebrities and those working to bring you every image you ever see of Emma Stone et al.

What do you think Celeb Teen Laundry reader? Would you be able to handle the pressure of celebrity? Do you think it’s a difficult job to be paparazzi? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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