Taylor Swift Sad In Sexy Dress At People’s Choice Awards

Taylor Swift Sad In Sexy Dress At People's Choice Awards

Taylor Swift is known for her Home Alone face after winning an award. The singer has a “oh my gosh, me? It can’t be me! Really, me? Oh my gosh!” face that she pulls out at every ceremony–so often, in fact, that I started taking it for granted. But her insincere shock was missing tonight at the People‘s Choice Awards when she won the vote for best country artist.

Taylor came to the event in a daring, quite sexy, white dress with a deep, deep v down the chest. She also had a bit of a Pippa Middleton bum going on–super curvy and filled out, not at all what I expected from the uber skinny singer. She just split from One Direction singer Harry Styles, and it looks like she dressed to impress. Ironically, her song We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together lost in favorite song category to What Makes You Beautiful.

Check out Taylor’s acceptance speech below. Did she seem a bit reserved to you too? I think she’s probably pretty upset about the split–she and Harry were all smiles and kisses last week on New Year’s Eve–and was trying to hold it together for the show. She hates discussing her romantic life (except through song) so she kept a tight lid on the feelings. I bet she’ll let them out in a new hit single though!


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  2. Ali says

    This was a good look for her.

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