Harry Styles Covered In Acne – Is He Allergic to Taylor Swift?

There seem to be a few bumps in the relationship between One Direction cutie Harry Styles and sweetie Taylor Swift – and they’re all on Harry’s forehead and back! Despite being a superstar worldwide, the 18 year old is suffering from the mundane ailment of acne. He’s got in on his forehead and back – what I like to call “bacne” and it’s less than lovely. I can’t imagine Taylor likes running her hands down his back and finding all the oozy spots there. Super ick!

And my guess is that Harry’s glorious head of hair that sends the girls swooning is not helping his broken out forehead – hair gets greasy and then it passes on to your skin and then it’s a zit factory! Harry’s publicity shots and magazine covers get photo shopped, but when he’s face to face smooching with his girl Taylor, there’s no airbrush to improve those less than attractive blemishes.

Back in November, Harry told The Daily Star in England, “I wear so much spot cream at night, I have more on than my mum.” That may have been true then, but if he’s snuggled up at night with the country crooner, I can’t imagine he’s slathering on the acne cream, right? He may not be allergic to Taylor, but spending his nights with her may be the worst thing for his troubled teenage skin!

Back in August all of the One Direction boys were having spotty problems, not just Harry. Management told Harry and band mates Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne and Niall Horan to change their diet to one that would cut down on their spots. A source told the Daily Star, “The way their management is coping with this is to give the boys three big vegetable drinks a day which are full of vitamins. The makeup they constantly wear on stage affects their skin – Harry in particular is prone to terrible spots.”

Harry’s acne has become such a publicity issue that it’s prompted its own meme. You can check it out here and make your own Harry Styles acne image!

Taylor should take pity and put some pimple cream on her boy toy when she tucks him in at night! I’m sure he’d be way too embarrassed to wear blemish goo in front of her – what guy could? Taylor’s been gifted with beautifully zit-free skin, so maybe she can share some skin-saving tips with her honey. Meanwhile, I’m thinking Harry should consider a Proactiv endorsement – it would fatten his wallet and clear up that terrible skin!

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