Is Justin Bieber’s New Friend Lil Twist A Bad Influence?

Is Justin Bieber's New Friend Lil Twist A Bad Influence?

My mom always said a teenager never learned anything good from another teenager and I think her wisdom applies to Justin Bieber’s new friendship with rapper Lil Twist. Since he started hanging out with his new buddy – real name Christopher L. Moore – Justin’s been getting in more and more trouble that culminated with the death of a paparazzi that was following the singer because of the antics he’s been up to with his new smoking buddy.

Here’s a breakdown of what Justin’s been into since he started hanging with Twist:

12/31 Justin and Lil Twist are in Mexico ringing in the New Year drinking champagne – even though Bieber’s underage and shouldn’t be boozing at all

12/31 Justin pulling up his shirt on stage, showing off his abs and generally trying to be a pimp

1/1 Lil Twist is driving Biebs’ Ferrari and is pulled over – paparazzo dies trying to snap photos – the photographer had left a message saying he’d seen Bieber smoking dope!

1/2 Photos emerge of Bieber smoking wacky weed with new friend/bad influence Lil Twist

1/3 Selena Gomez dumps the Biebs for good this time – maybe she had him listen to her BFF Taylor Swift‘s song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” – I wonder if she was sick of his new bad-boy behavior…

And these are just the incidences we’ve heard about – there’s no telling what these two have been up to when there weren’t cameras around to document their antics. His current behavior has me rethinking the infamous on-stage vomiting episode back in September. I thought for sure he’d gotten the flu – but now I’m thinking he was just drunk off his butt on stage. Right before he barfs, you can see people trying to get him steady as he wobbles onto the stage.

Lil Twist may be a bad influence on Justin or maybe Justin’s just lost his mind all on his own. After all, he is 18, universally adored and filthy rich – bad behavior often goes with the territory of youth and success. Let’s hope whatever is driving his increasingly poor decisions, he straightens up soon. We don’t want to see him headed down the Lindsay Lohan or Amy Winehouse path. Maybe his mentor can straighten him out – Usher. where are you? The Biebs needs you!

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