Hypocrite Kendall Jenner Is Sick of Paparazzi

Kendall Jenner Is Sick of Paparazzi

Kendall Jenner‘s sick of paparazzi taking snaps of her all the time and is lashing out. The teen model says she hates the paparazzi and considers them rude. I appreciate that for a normal teenager, the presence of a flashing camera in your face wherever you go could be disconcerting and make you uncomfortable. But Kendall is far from a normal teenager. She is practically a Kardashian… She’s a member of a family that is famous for being famous. And the entire Kardashian/Jenner dynasty sprang from big sister Kim Kardashian‘s “adult” video that (shock) was shot by a camera.

I know Kendall enjoys all the Chanel and Prada her overlarge closets are stuffed with – how does she think those upscale duds were paid for? This family lives with reality TV camera crews in their homes – she’s no stranger to cameras. And just because the rest of her family is happy to live out their contrived lives in front of the cameras doesn’t mean she has to.

One of the early and most fun reality shows – The Osbournes – featured dad Ozzy Osbourne, mom Sharon Osbourne, son Jack Osbourne and daughter Kelly Osbourne. But Ozzy and Sharon have a third offspring – oldest daughter Aimee Osbourne who’s just a year older than Kelly. She chose not to participate in the show so it was like she didn’t even exist when it came to the reality cameras.

But Kendall and sister Kylie Jenner are very much a presence on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and the other franchise spin-offs. If Kendall is tired of cameras, maybe she should start with E! and ask to step away from the family TV show. If she doesn’t want the public eye and all that comes with it, she needs to make a choice.

And BTWs, isn’t she also pursuing a career in modeling? Hmm. Kendall, how does your image get onto magazine covers? Wait for it – it’s with a camera… Not only does Kendall enthusiastically romp around for the E! cameras and those at her modeling shoots, but she loves to take pictures of herself and post them in a public forum – Twitter.

Kendall Jenner Is Sick of Paparazzi

I think Kendall can expect the paparazzi to change their tactics when it comes to snapping her pics when she changes her life to remove it from the public eye. Yes, it would be rude and intrusive for a photographer to follow a random girl around the mall when she shops – that would make them a stalker in fact, but when you decide to deliberately insert yourself into the public eye, expect that eye to look back at you Kendall!

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