Kylie Jenner Public Love Letter To Best Friend

Kylie Jenner Public Love Letter To Best Friend

Kylie Jenner may not be in the best situation–family sex tapes, divorce scandals, super-critical brothers, materialistic family members–but it looks like she’s an honest, loving, great friend. The 15-year-old offspring of Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner, and half sister of the holy Kardashian trinity wished her best friend happy birthday over Instagram, posting a super cute love letter to her partner in crime. She shared:

Adam, you are the sweetest and funniest guy I’ve ever met and you also happen to be my best friend. I have too many memories with you like barging into ur house at 3am on a school night and waking you up, stealing hello kitty, being my partner in crime and always getting in trouble with our neighbors, late night roscoe runs, missing the most important person in our lives together (the weeknd), being my boyfriend for a day, ah there are too many memories. Oh and the donut shop of, and just putting up with all the weird stuff I do. Lol happy birthday @therealai3 love youuuu. I can’t believe ur 18. Woohoo R-rated movies!

It sounds like a yearbook signing–which she’ll never get to write, ever since her parents started homeschooling so she can work more. She attached a photo collage of the two getting into all sorts of fun–crazy poses, bakery vists, and hugs. It’s nice to see a healthy relationship coming out of the Jenner/Kardashian house!

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