Life Advice From Kylie Jenner: Learn From Mistakes

Life Advice From Kylie Jenner: Learn From Mistakes

The youngest member of the Kardashian franchise may only be fifteen, but Kylie Jenner has a lot to say. Though she’s a full member of the team now, she started appearing on the reality show at the tender age of ten. She’s grown up in the spotlight, but still know s how to keep it together and block out all the negative energy people throw at her. We love her for her confidence, keen fashion sense, goofy attitude, and girl power message. Unfortunately, Kylie was getting picked on enough that she felt the need to remind her Twitter followers about what’s important in life. Check out her down to earth, motivating Tweets!

I hate growing up 🙁 I want to just get my license & then I’m over this whole getting older thing,” she started. Considering that her kid life ended before junior high school, we totally sympathize! Then she retweeted a friend, “The only time i’m uncomfortable with myself, is when i’m not being myself.” After that, it turned south. “I can never do anything right,” she lamented. Kylie saw something online that upset her, and responded, ““I hate the new Kylie” ummm I haven’t gone anywhere. Lol. IM JUST KYLIE. Like honestly no matter what I do, someone has SOMETHING to say. Worry about yourself. Whatever though. Guess this life comes with everyone having to say their opinion.” I can only assume that by this life she means reality TV. But Kylie isn’t going to try to skim over her mistakes–she knows she makes some! “I’m 15, just trying to grow up & learn from mistakes to make myself the best person I can be.” We love the attitude! The only mistake in life is not learning from it, right? Kylie ended her Twitter rant with a thoughtful “love u” to her followers.

It is so easy to judge young celebrities, but I think it’s important to remember that, shocker, they’re really just like us! They are human, get emotionally involved, make mistakes, and have regrets. They just do it in front of everyone! Be thankful you’re not in that position! We will all face mortifying, embarrassing, shameful, painful moments. We just have to learn to gain perspective, accept our own shortcomings, and move on. You can check out our bullying advice here–remember to speak up if you’re being mistreated! Life is a journey, so don’t try to rush through to an end point–you’ll miss invaluable life lessons. How do you handle criticism and stay positive? Are there any mistakes you struggle to move past and learn from?

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